Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Some Other Games’ Store Pages Vanished on Steam Store

Some games’ Steam Store pages got removed on the platform, including Valve’s first-person shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The actions that were taken before the removal of store pages can be seen on SteamDB. Pictures, videos, Steam achievements got removed, later on leading towards the store page itself getting deleted.

After @gabefollower’s tweet, there have been some ideas about the removal of CS:GO’s store page. Some said that it could be a mistake that Valve made while updating or changing something. There also have been some ideas that it’s for a new DLC or update, which was supported due to the fact that Valve being silent about their games before a big update comes out.

Looks like the problem is fixed now, as posted by @CSGO on Twitter.

We don’t know what caused this for sure, but we will keep you updated when the details about the whole thing come out.

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