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Membership and Guest Writer Agreement

Game News Plus is a gaming community in which we publish daily news and reviews.

As literary students and bookworms, everybody in our team write with passion to deliver the most fresh news and reviews to all our readers. To be able to connect with people around the world, with games as catalysts was our first and biggest aim, so we considered giving a chance to these readers to also share their thoughts. Surely that was what we learned from the people who put this passion for game writing into our hearts.

This is where you get in.

Of course, as a member, you can write comments to share your thoughts with other readers but you can also write newspieces, reviews, previews or opinions for games in all tastes. Now as a Guest Writer, you can become a part of us!

Guest Writership:

After becoming a member of Game News Plus community, you can publish your own stories under any topic related to games. The articles you submit will be reviewed and published by our team, but to be able to create a publishable story, we’ll kindly ask you to keep these in mind:

– To be able to contribute to Game News Plus as a guest writer, you have to be a member.
– The content you provide should be unique, and written only for our site. Plagiarism is easy to tackle nowadays, as you know.
– After published on Game News Plus, your article cannot be published on any other website without our permission.
– No marketing, no advertisements, no such things.
– A maximum of 1 links can be shared within your article, if they are relevant.
– That would be great if you’d watch over your article and answer our curious followers’ questions in the comments.

Membership Rules:

– Don’t swear, be racist or sexist (or a bad person in general) in your nicknames, writings, comments, etc. please.
– Your account can be deleted without asking if you act like a bad person. We know that all of you are golden inside, yet sometimes people want to be the bad individual online. We perfectly understand your tendency towards evil –and act accordingly by wiping out your account forever if you don’t calm yourself down.
– If you don’t, you’ll be warned once, and there won’t be a second chance.

Guest Writership Rules:

– The guest writers are responsible for all the visual & textual content published by them. Game News Plus does not assume any responsibilities on the guest content and their substance.
– Immoral or illegal content will be nuked.
– If there are too many typos and linguistic mistakes in the content, it will be deleted.
– You cannot lend your guest writer account.
Game News Plus can use the content published by the guest writers. (?)
– You should ask permission from the editors if you want to share or quote any content published on Game News Plus. Without permission, you cannot publish or quote anything from our website.

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