Hello there, fellow gaming enthusiasts!

We built Game News Plus in January 2016 to quench the thirst for gaming news –both ours and yours. Because we know that while the passion for gaming is evolving into a much bigger industry in these days; the old, warm atmosphere of gaming still resides within us. We did not forget the child in us, so often we let it speak. Our news will never be only news, they are -and always will be- a mixture of news and our opinions, experiences & blabberings. Of course, we will never fiddle with the original news material, that would be very un-professional.

We deliver the most detailed news for all platforms up-to-date.

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  • Kerem Akyol
    Emine Öztürk
    Editor in Chief
    Veteran point & clicker, amateur designer & tattooist, Bringer of Keys and the Harbinger of News.
  • Kerem Akyol
    Erdil Kapucu
    Open-world dweller, amateur writer & musician and a passionate supporter of the Addressing Oneself in Second Person is Ridiculous club.
  • Kerem Akyol
    Haluk Yılmaz
    Professional video editor, Graphic Designer&Lecturer
  • Full-time FRP/RPG freak, part-time wannabe musician and a dedicated member of "Nameless MMORPG Addicts Association"
  • Kerem Akyol
    Yusuf Can Ekinci
    Night Shift Editor
    Hardcore RPG player, retro game enthusiast, untamed dreamer... If it is old, bring it on... Beware!!! I still have a floppy disk!!!
  • Kerem Akyol
    Murat Dinç
    Founder of bozuktus.com and sistemgereksinimleri.net, personal blog writer and coder.