Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Receives New Operation

After Operation Shattered Web, which was out around a year ago, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive receives a new operation which is surprisingly early considering the last operation -Shattered Web- came out around three years after Operation Hydra which was active between May 23rd – November 14th, 2017.

Valve was silent about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a while, around 6 months, and people on twitter, like ValveNewsNetwork, claimed a new operation was coming last month. These claims were supported by fans because of some factors, first of all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive having a rival, Valorant, so for the game to not lose this competition there must be big updates. 6 Months of no update was not logical for such game since the competition is too fierce.

And there were some leaks going on social media platforms like Reddit, a workshop map was getting fixes from Valve due to bugs, which created assumptions like map coming to the game with the latest update. Some official maps getting compability versions in workshop and other leaks brought an idea of a new operation coming to gamers.

And on 04/12/2020 00:55(Eastern European Summer Time) a tweet was posted by @CSGO.

And here it is, the Operation Broken Fang is out, it features new agents, 3 weapon collections, a whole new case, new graffiti and sticker collections, new gloves, and a “Metal Skill Group Patch” collection.

The operation missions are playable by everyone, but to receive rewards by spending your stars after you earn them by completing missions, you have to get the operation pass which costs £11.49. There is also a new retake mode and premier broken fang matchmaking, everyone can play the retake mode but premier broken fang matchmaking, which is exclusive to operation pass owners.

New maps were also added: Ancient, Engage, and Apollo for Scrimmage, Casual and Deathmatch gamemodes. Frostbite to Danger Zone, Guard and Elysion to Wingman gamemode. With those new additions, Mutiny and Swamp maps were removed.

You get an operation coin after buying the operation pass, which you can upgrade by completing missions. Missions will arrive for 16 weeks and operation will continue until April 30th, 2021.

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