PS5’s With PS2 Themes Will Be On Sale In 5th of January

We saw the PS2-based design for PS5 before. It’s probably a dream of some gamers that we get a PS2-Style PS5 in our homes. It may not be an official one, but you can get one for yourself at if you are lucky enough, because we can’t say there are enough consoles for everyone.

If you haven’t seen this amazing looking PS5, check it out here right now:

Starting from January 5th, 2021, you can order yourself a “retro-inspired” DualSense controller for $99, or a console for $649. Looks like a dream coming true for some of us.

It’s a great alternative for those who didn’t like the basic PS5 design that much, but there’s a catch… And that is the fact that there are only 500 DualSense controllers and 304 consoles, so not all of us will be able to get one for ourselves.

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