Marvel’s Avengers’ Next Patch Fixes More Than 1000 Issues Reported by Players

Crystal Dynamics announced that Marvel’s Avengers 1.3 patch addressed more than 1,000 issues reported by the player. The patch notes are accessible on the website of Marvel’s Avengers. The team development thanked the community for its patience and support throughout the game’s first two weeks of release.

The 1000+ issues covered in the V1.3.0 patch include everything from “progression stoppers to small graphical fixes” and address issues with the game’s combat, UI, matchmaking, and more. Crystal Dynamics also suggested a few workarounds to some known issues in the game that can be found in this Reddit thread.

The game´s future updates will focus on fewer bug fixings and more “integrate more quality-of-life adjustments and feedback-driven features/tuning.” To prevent the service game from coming up with extra heroes and content in the near future, Crystal Dynamics plans to reveal Marvel’s Avengers with the community.

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