The Fable Franchise Is Coming With Xbox Series X

After many stories told; Fable, which is regarded as a new start for the Fable franchise, has been announced by Microsoft. It was developed by a new team at Forza Horizon studio Playground games.
The trailer starts with fairies flying through a wonderful forest. However, they are eaten by a frog afterwards. This is the fable, and people have long been waiting for this news. Fable is now back and developed by the team studying at the Forza Horizon studio.
From the time Fable 3 was released back in 2010 on, Fable has been mostly immobile despite the presence of diverse spin-offs. Moreover, there was Fable Legends, which cancelled on 2016.
According to the reports shared in early 2018, a new Fable was being developed by the Playground Games. And by the and of this year, Microsoft appointed Playground as a first-party developer.
From that time on; people have kept talking about a second team at the studio, working on the continuing Fable franchise, which was initially developed by the Lionhead studio. Moreover, ex-Lionhead art director John McCormack told that there was a Fable 4 pitch, which Microsoft declined.
Playground is mostly famous for its work on Forza Horizon. The studio has been witnessed to hire developers, who have experience in RPG development. Thus, we can say; with the next project, the Playground Games will most probably separate from the racing kind.

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