A Surprise From The Watch Dogs Legion

The images of new game of Watch Dogs series, the Legion, was shared last day in the Ubisoft Forward by Ubisoft. Even if the debates over the game continue, the mechanics of ‘being able to add everyone to the team’, which the developer team fond to, will come with some surprises.
The first one of these surprises was discovered in JorRaptor’s YouTube video. One of the names that the YouTuber added to his team, while experiencing the game, is very familiar. But he himself wasn’t aware of it.
In the Syndicate, the Assassins’s Creed’s game, which takes place in London we can play the Jacob and Evie Frye dual. That the Watch Dogs Legion will also take place in London, gives opportunity to the developers to attach these two series to each other. We can see in the video’s 03:02 minute that the character searches for ‘Descendants of Jacob Frye’. The interesting thing is that, we know this person as an assassin.
It is known that the Watch Dogs series previously showed various links with the Assassin’s Creed universe. It was a mission in the first game to kill the CEO of the Abstergo company, which Templars established in the Assassin’s Creed.

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