Path Of Exile 2 Does Not Release Beta Version 1M% This Year

The bad news for our readers awaiting Path of Exile 2 came from Grinding Gear Games. Explaining that the game may be affected by the coronavirus crisis that is already ongoing, the developer team made it clear that PoE2’s beta will not be held this year.

Apologizing to the actors in the statement made in the official forums, the studio confirmed that the beta will not be released in 2020 due to the problems caused by the pandemic. However, it is clearly underlined that it will be labeled without this delay.

Although the official release date of Path of Exile 2 has not been announced, it is possible to say that the team could not reach the level they planned due to the coronavirus outbreak. Still, the team continues to fill Path of Exile with new content.

Still, the developer team is reluctant to give a clear release date for PoE2.

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