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Steam Summer Discounts have come again, we said that we should not let a tradition break, and do not pass this discount period without a list.
While creating the list, I put an upper limit of 100 TL, so there are some games that I could not include in the list because they remained above this limit despite receiving good discounts. And of course, it is necessary to cut the list somewhere, so I have to leave it out. Share the games that you think would be good if they were on the list in the comments, so that our list should be enriched:

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 became the flare of the series’s return to its old days. Our characters, Dante, Nero and V, each had pleasant hours. DMC 5; The pace made the fans laugh as a very successful game that gave what was expected in terms of diversity and succeeded in connecting the story to the previous games of the series. You can think that the price of 90 TL is high. But do not overlook that this is an action game that can give you the right.

Mortal Kombat 11

How has the game changed from the days in the arcade to the present? We know the times when it is forbidden to use images of real people. But now it is, very realistic images are presented with each game in the series. In the last game of the series, which was released last year, fatalities and brutalities flew in the air, blood took the body, and there were no broken bones. Enriched with characters added with updates and seasonal content, its staff is at a level that will satisfy the followers of the series as well as the first time. I also liked the customization options, let me not go without note 🙂 As a result, if you are looking for a good fighting game, it is one of the most suitable alternatives on the market. While I saw a solid discount like 60% ready, I think this opportunity will be evaluated.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

While ready Cyberpunk 2077 was postponed, I said to one of the old ones, let’s go back to the adventures of Adam Jensen, one of our first eye pains. Mankind Divided, the last game of the series (for now), was again throwing us in the middle of a big conspiracy and freeing us on how to act on this journey as in previous games. Whichever features you would like to focus on and which areas you would like to develop, do you prefer to proceed with confidentiality or conflict, you had a game experience shaped by your preferences in these subjects. The choices we made throughout the game led us to different endings, which provided a reason to replay the game. Some initial technical difficulties were resolved afterwards and as a result we have a very good Action-adventure-ryo. While you have seen the highest discount ever, maybe you will give it a chance.

Doom Eternal

It can be the most expensive member of the list; but it’s also the most recent one. Eternal, which was curiously awaited by those who are involved in Quake and Doom games, made a very good exit and gave more than expected. The adventure we took to narrow the places to the Hell armies that occupied the Earth with our Doom Slayer was liked with its mechanics as well as its graphics and even its story. Considering its recent history, it seems like a good discount. Still, the decision is yours.

Final Fantasy XV

FF XV was a game that managed to attract even those who did not follow the Final Fantasy series. Perhaps the effect of having a structure that will appeal to the Western market may have had an effect on this. Although the clashes shift from turn-based to action-oriented, it feels like it is a Final Fantasy game again; again various creatures, a team that will save the world, the team members who will develop with different abilities and who will say I do not know your king, again with the tons of side missions, hunts, races and more …

Our team may look like a full ‘boy band’ at first, but you get warmer as you progress in the game, be sure 🙂 The game that proceeds in the form of a journey story allows you to establish a connection with this team; When you say one’s photos and the other’s meals, hours pass, and you are now becoming part of this team. Of course, on the other hand, our main son is struggling to meet his prince’s only lover and trying to meet him, while he is trying to get his country out of the way while saving his country. Considering the tens of hours of play time, it is a game that can be purchased with peace of mind, if you have not played until now, I would say give it a chance.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

The last link in the trilogy that restarted the Tomb Raider series is Shadow of the Tomb Raider. With the trilogy that started in 2013, we witnessed Lara Croft becoming a Tomb Raider step by step, again. In this adventure, where we try to prevent a Mayan prophecy and prevent the apocalypse, our unique Lara is taking action again, escaping from the enemies she is chasing, and hunting them as they come to her place. If you are looking for a Tomb Raider adventure adorned with details such as gun developments, craft, special skills, it is a game that can meet your expectations.

All three games in the series offer similar experiences to me and deserve to be played in this aspect. Let me remind you that the first two games were reduced to 10-15 TL in the discount period; Maybe you want to take the whole trilogy and play.

Dishonored 2

Another series that I love and anticipate the sequel is the Dishonored series. In the second game of the series, we were engaged in a massive conspiracy and a fight against dangerous enemies with Corvo Attano and his only daughter, her pupil, her queen, Emily Kaldwin. This struggle with the aunt (?) Who claimed the wooden right was an experience that was not left behind from the first game. Emily, which we saw in the first game in a mini-tiny form; He grew up and flourished, became the empress of his country, but with the training he received from his father, he proved to be a very successful assassin. Corvo, on the other hand, is our hero, whom we are familiar with from the first game, there is no need to talk much about it. both characters deserved to be finished at least once, because they offered different experiences with their unique abilities. Also, with the introduction of the “New Game +” feature, another reason for playing for the second time was offered. As such, there is not much reason not to buy at this price, what do you think?

Yakuza Kiwami

Those who follow the site have necessarily noticed, I chant the Yakuza series at every opportunity. I said let’s use the Yakuza quota on this list for Kiwami. While it was Yakuza Zero on the last year’s list, it wouldn’t be bad to go in order, isn’t it? The adventure, which started with a sweet or sweet girl named Haruka, asked for help, was making the place laugh, the anger coming, the sadness coming. Kiwami was a very successful, very enjoyable game with exaggerated fights of Yakuza games, exaggerated fights, various mini-games, side missions that can reach absurdity from time to time, and lots of intermediate scenes; Since it is the beginning of our story that will last for 6 games with Haruka, it has a special place in my heart. Play it, play it, you won’t regret it 🙂

Metal Gear Solid V

I am not going to re-enter the Konami-Kojima issue, but if this game could be finished completely, I wouldn’t be able to stop wondering what it would be like. The series that Kojima defines as “tactical-espionage action” has managed to become one of the most successful series (and best privacy games) in the game world one way or another. Although it is constantly discussed, criticized by the length of the intermediate scenes, this series offered us a very good game universe and beautiful stories. The gameplay was also sometimes subject to criticism; but it should be noted that there are not many games that offer the experience that this game offers. Considering that it has over 100 hours of playing time with its side missions, I can easily say that it is one of the games that cannot be missed while finding such a discount.

Bioshock infinite

Whether a new Bioshock comes or not, when it comes, we don’t know. While this is the case, I wanted to not go past the most current member of the series. Infinite took us from Rapture under the sea and took us to the city of Columbia, floating in the sky. Again, we embarked on an extraordinary adventure in an extraordinary city with its unique architecture, different groups it hosted, and the internal issues and struggles that we somehow managed to infect ourselves. Our adventure, which has managed to be one of the most memorable characters in the game world, our fashion icon, our flying daughter, talented or talented, sweet or sweet Elizabeth, has succeeded to make an opposite corner with her surprise finale. The gameplay is very enjoyable, the world and the story are very interesting. Given that we rarely coincide with similar ones nowadays, Infinite deserves a chance.

Gears 5

Gears 5, the newest member of the Gears of War series, is one of the games that can easily enter this list with a 50% discount. Of course, those who have a Game Pass subscription can play for free there, but it is a great opportunity for those who are distant from Game Pass. In Gears 5, we meet our new hero, Kait Diaz. In an adventure that focuses on her (and her family’s) story, They are accompanied by JD at the beginning, then Del and our drone friend Jack. Even though the semi-open world offers partial freedom, it does not offer a significant change, the strength of the game is the action parts. And of course there is a multiplayer section – I would recommend that even those who have not so much preferred to look at least once.

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