Playing Hard: Creation of For Honor is now on Netflix!

Netlifx subscribers now have access to Ubisoft’s four year of creation process of For Honor.  In one of the world’s biggest video game studios, constantly growing team works on a documentary that unearths the creating process of For Honor, a blockbuster game that stages a war between Vikings, samurai and knights.

Playing Hard is the first documentary of Ubisoft that lightens the backstage of the development process. The documentary is written and directed by Jean-Simon Chartier. In the documentary, there are three main characters: For Honor’s creative director Jason, VandenBerghe, the producer Stéphane Cardin and the publicist Luc Duchaine.

Besides the creation process, “Playing Hard” reveals the struggles that creators faced over four years. VandenBerghe health worsens with his diet as a result of globetrotting job of promoting the game. Similarly, Cardin needs to go to therapy as a divorced father before the game release. Eventually, VandenBerghe finds out he has no role on the team and his dream project has abandoned him. Then he has left Ubisoft Montreal.

Each year, increasing number of studios produce AAA games. At Ubisoft, around 2700 employee works on different projects. Even if most of the projects won’t see the daylight, for its director Jason VandenBerghe, For Honor is more than any another game. 

Finally, Playing Hard discloses the hard work and reflects Ubisoft’s inner world.

Here is the trailer of the documentary. Enjoy!

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