Outbreak Themed Games in Corona Time

On the one hand, COVID-19 on the other hand, The Last of Us Part II, while outbreaks have an important place in our agenda. Since there is such a table, let’s see what the epidemic-themed productions in the game world are, we made a list. As always, we are pleased with your contribution to the list:

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Series

Telltale is one of the sad stories of the game world. We watched the story of a firm starting beautifully and then having to punctuate the management mistakes sadly. But today’s topic is not Telltale’s closing story. The Walking Dead series, which is a game with a strong emotional aspect, which enables them to enter the industry, trigger the rise of a popular game genre and of course the first season of the series. The emergence of the term “like Telltale games” came with this game. The release of the game season by season was already a confirmation of the definition of “interactive movie”. I do not know what experience you experienced in the rest of the series, but the point that almost everyone agreed was that the first season was able to impress us, take a place in our memories and heart. Our little girl, Clementine, has grown officially in our hands. The connection between Lee and Clementine deeply impressed us, and the finale made two drops of age glide through our eyes. In the meantime, it can be argued whether the first season is as impressive as the final, but we can say that the final of the last season (and therefore the series) also offered an emotional final. In any case, TWD managed to be one of the first series to come to mind when it comes to epidemic games.

Dead Island Series

It is also a very popular series with its promotional films and the sequel that never goes out. What do you do if you find yourself in the middle of an epidemic on a tropical island? Of course, in order to survive, you have to use many things you find around as weapons. In addition to the game’s various (and some of them are quite unusual) weapons, the presentation that slid to the absurd side from time to time also managed to attract attention. Let’s see if he can continue this interest with his new game.


DayZ is a multiplayer open world survival game that starts its path as a mod and then becomes an independent game. You are trying to hold onto a map that used to be a touristic region and now boiling zombies. Bohemia Interactive said, let’s put realism in the foreground, as in Arma, and there are no registration points in the game; so you lose everything when you die and you have to start again. Similarly, realistic experience was tried to be provided in hunting, building and resource management sections. But the main highlight of the game is the question of interacting with other players. You can form alliances, then disrupt these alliances, deceive someone, or eat a dagger from your back and eat a dagger on your back, kill those who come across for a little food, or vice versa, you can be killed. Humanity is not able to stand smartly at work, where it stands.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

The list isn’t just about zombie invasion-themed games, right? A Plague Tale: Innıcence was one of the pleasant surprises of the past year. In fact, it was a game that we watched and expected to be released before, but as a relatively low-budget production, it is possible to say that it met expectations very much. In the adventure of our hero Amicia and his brother Hugo, trying to get rid of the inquisition, we could feel the dark atmosphere of the Middle Ages to the end and see the effects of the plague epidemic very clearly. Although it did not have such a revolutionary aspect, it managed to take its place in our minds with its enjoyable gameplay, story that contains surprises and the Amicia-Hugo duo. Who knows, maybe a sequel will come one day.

The Last of Us Series

Of course, we did not pass this list without sharing another series that played in the top in every sense. As I always repeat, The Last of Us is a touchstone for dramatic storytelling. If you like emotional bonding in games, it will be included in your list of games to be played in one way or another. He grasps you in the opening section and manages to carry it to the finals with that feeling. In a game where you try to survive by killing zombies (called ‘sick people’ in the game), it should not be easy to achieve such an intensity of emotion. Naughty Dog, who branded our heart with the first game, chose to move on a much darker path in the second game, and it seems that he has successfully overcome this risky mission. Let’s say it’s the beginning of the third game.

Plants etc. Zombies

Can you ever talk about zombies and remember these sweet zombies! Would there be a zombie game that players of all ages can play? It’s happening. We take the help of our sweet or sweet plants to protect our garden from the invasion of treacherous zombies. But sometimes the zombies may look more cute to our eyes, how are we going to do it.

Resident Evil Series

Resident Evil should be the first series that comes to mind when it comes to epidemic games. We continue with the new games included in the series for how many generations. It is not enough and we are playing the renewed versions of the old ones. We are still not satisfied, we are waiting for the next games. How much more interest can a series have? Umbrella Corp. We found ourselves struggling with the threat of zombies as a result of the epidemic caused by a virus developed by the company, and then we tried to expose the conspiracy behind this work and to punish those responsible for this epidemic. Apparently, in the new game, supernatural powers, witches, werewolves will be involved. I don’t know how, what it promises, but one way or another, we will still be playing and we will continue to wait for the next game of the series.

Dying light

Dying Light, which we are curiously waiting for its second game, was one of the games that attracted attention with the day cycle detail; Threat level decreases during the day, and zombies become more active at night. Another detail that attracted attention for the players of our country was that the game took place in a fictional city called Harran and that many characters had names that could be familiar to us. But of course, it was not only that he had such names that made the game one of the important parts of this list, but he used the dynamics of the course very successfully and had a different zombie game experience. As far as we can see in the promotions, we will come to the fore with the scenario part of the second game and the decisions we make and the fact that we can change the flow of the work with the movements we make. Let’s see if it can rivet its place in our minds with this move that will take a game that is already successful one step further. We are hopeful, we look forward to it.

Left 4 Dead Series

Another series stuck in Valve’s “3” curse and left in game 2 🙂 Left 4 Dead was the first address for those who want to experience co-op zombie hunting. You were trying to come together up to 4 people and deserve the swarms of zombies attacking you. Speaking about the variety of weapons in the Dead Island series, but not the variety that extends from the baseball bat to the frying pan, right?

Days gone

Days Gone, which was developed as one of Sony’s special games for PS4, was loved by some and it was a game that was not liked by others. Leaving aside the technical flaws or the story that has failed to absorb some of them, everyone seems to agree that tackling zombies is a joy. As in the World War Z movie, how many games are there that release hundreds of zombies at the same time? In the meantime, I am one of those who think that their reference to the Syphon Filter universe should be underlined. Bend Studios, without hailing past games and winking to future projects 🙂

Plague Inc: Evolved

I wanted to start with a game that leaves the rest of the list. In Plague Inc: Evolved, a strategy game, we aim to spread our pathogen to the first patient and adapt it to the world. For the game, which became quite popular after the COVID-19 epidemic, a completely opposite story mode is being developed for this scenario, and we will be able to play a scenario where we try to prevent an outbreak. If you want to deal with the epidemic part of the business in abundant statistical and technical dimensions, Plague is exactly your item.

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