Agony Unrated is no more

Well, at least there was hope.

It is clear that most of the gamers somehow lost their interest to the game after hearing that the game’s nudity and gore scenes were censored. Then, Agony Unrated has been announced.

According to the announcement, Agony Unrated supposed to be a an adult, unrated version of Agony. It was supposed to be a separate title and provide what the game promises without any censor along with many more additions.

Madmind Studio announced that because of some financial problems, Agony Unrated has been cancelled.

Due to technical and legal reasons, Madmind must cancel the development of Agony Unrated. Part of the team will continue to support Agony on Steam and consoles by publishing new patches. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will get another patch this week. It will introduce many fixes and a highly refined lighting system.

We will be back with more detailed news about Agony’s faith and boobies. Stay tuned!


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