Agony Unrated will be a separate product with all censored content

Well, seems like we can not stop talking about Agony’s censored content. Most of the gamers somehow lost their interest to the game after hearing that the game’s nudity and gore scenes were censored. Can’t imagine why.

But wait! Here is the good news. Madmind Studio announced Agony Unrated which is an adult, unrated version of Agony. Agony Adult will be available on Steam as a separate title and will provide what the game promises without any censored content. Everything will be there for us to see.

Agony Unrated aims to make available Agony Unrated to all owners of the original game with a 99% discount or as a free DLC. Also, developers hope to launch the game three months from now.

Agony Unrated will feature all the updates and the standart version of the game along with more additional content like erotic animations for characters in the backgrounds, high resolution textures and models without any censorship, all the scenes that have been removed from the standard version of Agony, Agony Mode unlocked from the beginning, additional content for Agony Mode (Setting – The Forest, Boss Fight – Baphomet), Succubus Mode unlocked from the beginning and additional animations for Succubus Mode.

Stay tuned!

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