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JYDGE Preview

JYDGE is an isometric shooter game with many customization options. You play as an android who was made for fighting against the criminals. That is what you do in this game. For more information about the main features of the game, you can check out our article dedicated to this title.

Thanks to the developers of JYDGE, I had the privilege to test the game before it was released on Steam. Hopefully, this will be a satisfying preview about the game and I will be able to cover all the features that I could test. Without making you die horribly from boredom, I would like to start introducing you JYDGE.

Make your own JYDGE at home!

One of the most important thing about JYDGE is that it offers a huge pool of customization tools. With the money and the medallions you earn from missions, you can customize your character (JYDGE), your weapon (Gavel), your weapon’s unique abilities (like lifesteal or ignoring citizens etc.), and your special extra attack (grenades, missiles etc). The way you customize your character dictates your play style. You cannot, for instance, rush in with a laser shooting type which is probably meant for more stealthy and accurate play style. So, you should choose wisely before starting a mission.

As for the missions, there are a couple of different types. On each level, you get challenges along with the main mission and each mission or challenge gives you a medal with which you can unlock many different upgrades for your weapon or your character. And when you finish the missions on one act, you get to play the same mission on hardcore difficulty with three different challenges. These challenges can be “Don’t get hit” or “Finish in X seconds” kinds of objectives. But my favorite is probably the Stealth challenge, in which you fail if you are seen by an enemy.

There are other mission types available but I don’t want to spoil or ruin anything before the game is released. So let’s have a look at other mechanics and overall graphics/sounds of the game.

You can never have enough JYDGE jokes.

First of all, like many other indie games, JYDGE doesn’t offer a visual festival which requires a monster PC with GTX 1080Ti and with 64GB of RAM. And it doesn’t need graphics like that at all. This is a fun game with decent looking graphics and sound effects. As far as I can see in the game, the animations and textures are good enough for you to enjoy the JYDGEMENT day you bring upon your enemies. Visuals can get a little chaotic but this is an expected issue for a game like this. And honestly, I don’t even consider this as a problem. You cannot expect to sit down and think about your next move and make a plan before acting. This is a game for people who would like to play with their reflexes.

The action never ends. Especially during survival missions, you feel the non-stop adrenaline rush. Moreover, the mixture of these animations with the sound effects and music in JYDGE, gives you a satisfying action based shooter game experience. The only problem I can think of is the repetitive music. Some of them are crazy good for the atmosphere. When you JYDGE (I warned you…) your enemies, you hear the music running on the background and you just want to find more targets! But sometimes, it just doesn’t fit to the action.

Other than all of these minor problems, many of which shouldn’t be considered as problems at all, JYDGE offers a satisfying visual and musical experience. You literally lose yourself in the action and let the beast inside of you do your dirty work.

Ordered and ADJYDGED!

All these things that I have mentioned above will change and will be improved of course. The game is not available yet and the developers still work on it. And with a better polishing on soundtracks, this game will satisfy many people. If you liked Hotline Miami, Crimsonland and games like that, you will like JYDGE too. Here is a gallery for you to have a better idea:

Although it is still not out there, and we do not know when it will happen, I can easily and honestly say that when I was playing JYDGE, it succeeded on giving me the feeling of playing a complete game. Yes, there are a couple of things which can be improved in the future. However, as an indie game, and especially if you compare it with other games which were released with many incomplete features, JYDGE looks pretty promising. I’d suggest trying it out if you are an isometric action shooter game fan.


Although it is not even released yet, JYDGE still offers a good action gameplay with good musics and graphics. For the isometric action game play lovers, this game will offer a satisfying experience when it is released. And surely until that time, developers will improve the game and make it a better one.

  • Non-stop action
  • Variety of missions and challenges
  • Unique and rich customization system
  • Good graphics and sound effects
  • Easy and fun gameplay
  • A couple of minor features which can be improved in the future
  • Music can be repetitive but it is too early to say something serious right now
  • Hasn’t been released yet
  • Too many JYDGE puns and jokes

JYDGE was reviewed using a Steam key provided by the publisher.


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