Could a New Dead Space Be on the Way?

Xbox Era podcast co-founder and co-host Nick Baker said that Dead Space had a chance of coming back in some way whether via remasters or a sequel or hopefully both.

The most notable response to the tweet came from Windows Central reporter Jez Corden. Both of the industry insiders are known for their occasional leaks. Jez Corden replied to Baker’s tweet saying “If it was ACTUALLY HAPPENING MAYBE? That would be PRETTY COOL.”

Although there is no statement from EA at this point, this conversation raises hopes for a new Dead Space game. Of course they may just be having some fun but considering the commercial success of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, EA may want to remaster some of the other titles in its arsenal.

EA Play Live 2021 sets place on July 22. Until then, we don’t seem to be receiving any official comment on the issue.

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