A Player Killed Every NPC and Animal in Skyrim

Pretty much everyone knows about Skyrim, its atmosphere, difficulty, and sense of adventure… It’s a great game that people should give it a try at. But I never thought anyone would go as far as killing every single NPC and animal inside the game. It’s something pretty interesting, but unpredictable as hell. Well, I congratulate the player, I guess?

The player we’re talking about goes by the nickname jaeinskyrim on Reddit. They have shared pictures of their character standing behind the NPCs and animals they have killed. “It is finished. 2201 people/NPCs, plus over 2400 more various creatures. All gone. I am alone in Skyrim.”

Other users raised some questions down the post, such as user Jos_Andrews’ “Do guards just keep re-generating?” which was answered with “Well, you got me there. Yes, they do, though not right away. I believe it takes several in-game days(5-10?) for them to respawn. If I went back around – there will likely be some respawns at this point.”

They have also mentioned that they used some mods to “render all NPCs vulnerable” so that they could kill everyone. Well, this is some achievement that requires great determination and looks like they had what was required to do so. Congratulations once again!

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