Microsoft is Rolling Out Dolby Vision HDR for Insiders This Week

Microsoft lays the Dolby Vision feature to Xbox Series X/S insider users this week. The news was shared on Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb’s Twitter account. Microsoft says that if you connect your Series X/S to a Dolby Vision supporting TV, it will provide “brighter highlights, sharper contrast, and more vibrant colors”.

Dolby had already made an announcement about Xbox Series X/S being the first console to support Dolby Vision HDR format back in September, which was even before the console was out. Currently, Xbox Series X/S already supports HDR, but it’s HDR10, so it’s not as advanced as Dolby Vision.

If you are in the insider program make sure to check if your TV supports Dolby Vision so you can see if the feature is actually usable for you. After a testing phase which will probably take a while, the feature will probably be available to everyone. Until then, let’s hope that every issue -if there’s any- gets fixed!

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