Lady Dimitrescu Now Has A Rival in Resident Evil Community

Lady Dimitrescu has been in the spotlight since the reveal of Resident Evil Village, but now the king’s throne might be in danger because we have the Duke. He was always there, but the gem inside of him was spotted only in-game rather than trailers before release.

“Why the Duke?” you might ask, most of the people describe him as the only person that actually cares about Ethan in the game, and that he’s the only friend that Ethan has throughout the game. So it’s actually normal that people become fans of him.

We can already see some Redditors like Naillian603 appreciate him for his actions in-game. Saying that the Duke went over his expectations.

More Redditors commented below the post, giving reasons why the Duke is their favorite character and such. Also, this isn’t the only post that adores the Duke, so this might be a sign of new competition between Lady Dimitrescu and the Duke!

Do you think it’s possible for the Duke to have the same impact as Lady Dimitrescu has in the Resident Evil community? The competition might not be so fierce just yet, but we’ll see if it becomes the real deal in the future.

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