Player’s Are Really Angry Because of Overwatch’s New Mei Skin!

So recently Overwatch released a new skin for the Mei, but people are angry about the hairstyle of the character’s new skin.

The skin we are talking about is MM-Mei, a skin inspired by the MMA. The skin has a fighter’s robe, gloves, and championship belt. The part people find offensive is that the fact that the character has cornrows while it’s a Chinese hero.

I do not want to give my personal opinion about this so much because I know how people can get easily offended even by normal criticism. But in my opinion, making a hairstyle special for a race and going crazy when someone from another race has it seems like just plain racism.

Well, I personally wonder what other people think about this subject right now, I’m pretty sure that some people will have another point of view about the situation. So make sure to comment your thoughts.

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