Streamer 100% Completes Song in Guitar Hero That’s Supposed to Be “Impossible” After 10 Years

Guitar Hero has been out for a long time now, there’s always that one song that you can’t 100% after trying dozens of times. And now, a streamer has completed a song that is supposed to be ‘Impossible’, the song is out for around 10 years now, I guess things change.

The streamer we’re talking about is CarnyJared, he can look like a normal human being from the first look, but after watching one of his streams, you will see how good he is in Guitar Hero. This man is a beast when it comes to anything related to Guitar Hero. Well, he plays Clone Hero, which is a copy of Guitar Hero, so you could say he basically plays Guitar Hero.

There is a track called ‘Soulless 6’, even to CarnyJared, this track was impossible. Until recently he beats the song with 100% completion.

You should actually take your time and watch the video, I bet most of you won’t even be able to catch up with the chords. But finally, after all the effort, CarnyJared completes the song with a 100% success rate, and oh boy, his reaction after he realizes he finished the song is priceless.

Well, what can I say except congratulations? For real though, this man is a beast. I hope he achieves much more in the future, and this doesn’t look impossible for him, as he is just an amazing Guitar Hero player!

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