PS3 Titles are Skyrocketing in Price Due to Rarity

Time passes by as you read this, and it’s been over a decade since the release of PlayStation 3. This also means the titles released for PlayStation 3 are also old. If you got any games for PlayStation 3, keep them! Because they become harder to find as life goes on.

We came to the point where some PS3 titles are now worth more than their original price, this being caused since they’re not really on market anymore and are very hard to find. This has been proven by Ghetto Gamer, tested, and verified.

Ghetto Gamer has invested in some games and the outcome was really good for them. 3D Dot Game Heroes, for example, $29.99 paid for the game with free shipping. Now, it goes on eBay for over $100 and sometimes for even higher!

Splatterhouse is another example of a great investment. $25 spent for an original copy, now it goes for around $90! I don’t know about you but, this is a great improvement! You should definitely hold onto your PS3 game copies if you have any, as they may go up in price in the future.

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