Nintendo is Suing The Switch Hacker Gary Bowser!

Polygon reported that Nintendo of America filed a lawsuit against the 51-year-old Canadian hacker Gary Bowser. If you don’t know, he is an alleged member of Switch hack creators Team Xecuter.

So the funny part is, the president of Nintendo America is Doug Bowser. So that’s right, this is the fight of two Bowsers!

So, in October US Government-issued multiple charges against Bowser and other Xecuter team members  Max Louarn and Yuanning Chen.

Bowser is currently being held in custody. He was arrested and deported from the Dominican Republic in September. As for the other members,  Louarn was arrested in Canada and the Chen is still at large.

And if you don’t know, the Team Xecuter is mostly known for selling modchips for Nintendo Switch. But actually, the team goes way back, they even made modchips for the original Xbox. And they have lots of anonymous members. So the ones we know now are nothing compared to the size of the team. So it’s kind of normal for Nintendo to fight this kind of team and its members.

And according to the Polygon, Nintendo wants damages of $2500 for each trafficked device, $150,000 for each copyright violation, and the complete shutdown of Bowser’s operation.

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