Call of Duty: Warzone Cheaters Are Using Night Goggles Just to Flex on Others!

We are all used to players using hacks in online games to ruin the experience for us. And when it comes to Warzone, I’m pretty sure that everyone saw a hacker at least one time while playing the game.

So, what is this all about? Why would we care about the night-vision goggles? It’s because these goggles are not part of the game. These goggles are on Infinity Ward’s 2019 shooter Modern Warfare. You can remember them from the campaign mission ”Clean House”, but they are also used in nighttime multiplayer maps.

Recently, a Warzone streamer Stephen Galloway as known as “Yungstaz” shared a post on Twitter that showed a cheater auto ping everyone in the lobby and equip night vision goggles.

This cheater also confessed that they were cheating in this game for five months in another clip! And the cheater was also able to change their account name repeatedly!

And this was not the only time that players came across this kind of cheaters! The Redditor u/PerfectEfficiency8 posted on r/CODWarzone about them encountering another cheater like this one.

The problem is the fact that using these goggles does not help you in any way in Warzone. Because Verdansk is a daytime map so it doesn’t affect visibility in at anyway. And there is the fact that using these goggles makes other players understand you are cheating instantly. So I think that cheaters are using these goggles just to flex on other cheaters and players.

Activision recently announced that they permanently banned almost half a million accounts since the battle royale was launched last year. So we know that they are dealing with hackers but it seems that these bans are not enough.

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