FBI Arrests Man from Texas for Trying to Blow Up “The Internet” Using A C-4

Seth Aaron Pendley from Texas was arrested for his plans that aim to blow up about 70 percent of the internet, he appeared in court this weekend as a result. Yes, he actually wanted to ‘blow up’ the internet. The plan he made was for destroying an Amazon Web Services data center, which would -in his opinion- result in the USA being liberated from “the oligarchy” that is corrupting his country.

Aaron’s plans were known before he took action, thanks to encryption from Signal, a communication software. He has been talking about how he would “kill off [sic] about 70 percent of the internet”, he also has the nickname ‘Dionysus’, a name that originates from a god in ancient Greek mythology.

The United States Department of Justice made a statement on the matter, in statement it is said that Aaron was asked about the outcome he wanted, he replied as “death”.

He was arrested on April 8th, after an undercover operation where the FBI was informed before Aaron purchased a C-4, so an agent acted as an arms dealer and sold him the C-4, even showing him how to arm, later on, detonate it. After Aaron bought the C-4 and went to put the C-4 he just bought, he got arrested.

He will get convicted for up to 20 years in jail if he is found guilty.

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