The First Civilizations and Details About the Gameplay and Campaign of Age of Empires 4 are Revealed!

We didn’t have any specific details about the Age of Empires 4 since its announcement in 2019. But this changed recently! We finally got a proper look at what these companies have been working on for years! We got lots of content like documentary-style historical campaigns.

Rather than going forward, Age of Empires 4 takes a u-turn and goes back to the middle ages. The time period of Age of Empire 2. You will go through the ages of Dark Age, Feudal Age, Castle Age, and Imperial Age while commanding one of the eight civilizations. The civilizations we know so far are English, the Indian Delhi Sultanate, the Chinese, and the Mongols.

Also, there will be lots of new mechanics added to the game. For example, your civilization will change their language while changing ages. The English civilization will talk in old English while you play the older ages. This will keep changing for the ages and after all, you will have modern-day English similar to the way Shakespeare spoke.

We know the campaigns of the game will center around Norman’s conquest of England and the descendants of William the Conqueror. The best part is unlike the third game, the Age of Empire 4 campaigns will be fully historically and it will work like a historic documentary.

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