Need For Speed Underground 2 Remastered May Not Be That Unlikely

Need For Speed Underground 2 is an absolutely nostalgic and legendary game that everyone should know about. I’m sure that if a remastered version releases, the sales of the product would be quite a lot, which would result in a huge cash flow towards EA. And as for EA, they sure do like money.

We had two remastered versions from Need For Speed franchise released before, these two versions being remastered editions of Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted. Nowadays, EA looks like they are fond of remasters and remakes, we will be getting one for Mass Effect and it will be released soon. Hey, maybe it’s the time for this iconic masterpiece?

Due to the game’s popularity and fan base, they probably don’t even need to do much for the remaster. Overhauled visuals and some tweaks for gameplay would do it, but of course, more changes and new content would make everything much better. Although new content would be appreciated, it would probably be best to leave most of the story and missions untouched at least for nostalgia purposes.

If EA manages to keep the original feel of the game in a potential remaster, that is a successful remaster, fingers crossed for that one! I would be so glad if we could actually get a remaster for this masterpiece at the end of the day.

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