There is A Chance That Hideo Kojima’s Next Game Will Be An Xbox Exclusive

Most of us will know what we are talking about when we mention Hideo Kojima. He has led the development of a lot of successful titles in the gaming industry. Now, some claims indicate the next game of Hideo Kojima being an Xbox exclusive.

Venture Beat‘s Jeff Grubb claimed that Xbox has been trying to secure a deal with Kojima for a title exclusive to their platform. There are a lot of reasons for this action of Microsoft, the most important one would be to strengthen the sphere of influence in the Japanese market. Xbox had some issues in Japan in the past, so it’s actually a great move to recover the lost popularity.

Jeff Grubb has eliminated the rumors of Abandoned being a secret Hideo Kojima project, stating that Hideo Kojima is not a part of the game development. As of now, we don’t know what is going to be the next project of Hideo Kojima.

For now, take things with a grain of salt, as these could be false. But if you ask me, this happening is not that unlikely. So what do you think, will Hideo Kojima’s next game be an Xbox exclusive?

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