New Leaks Indicate A Panam Romance DLC for Cyberpunk 2077

There is a chance that we get more Panam romance in Cyberpunk 2077. It is estimated that we may get it after the 1.2 patch that has been released recently. Along with major bug fixes and patches, the game looks like it will get new content added to it, and one of them looks like an expansion for Panam romance.

New dialogue and options for Panam have been revealed by Reddit user Stndn on the AldecaldosForever subreddit. It’s basically a community that is dedicated to Panam Palmer. For those who wanted to pursue more with Panam in-game, this is great news.

The dialogues and options seem to arrive with the 1.2 patch since they weren’t there before the game was updated. You can check the whole thing below:

Be aware though, IT CONTAINS SPOILERS! It would be so cool if we got the DLC or expansion for more options with Panam, as she has an important role in the story and a percentage of fans love her. This potential DLC could also create opportunities for more story missions as well.

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