Streamer AshleyRoboto Says Playing Games on Easy Difficulty Should Be Normalized!

Twitch streamer AshleyRoboto said that playing games on easy mode should be normalized. She talked about the people who do back seating on her chat and making fun of her because of her playing in easy difficultY. And she said that they need to “let people play games however they want to.”

Well, to be honest, I think most of us have seen this kind of people where they talk about how you are untalented and ”noob” for playing a game that has designed with an easy mode. It is a stupid thing to say mostly because some people play games because of the storyline or just to chill and have some simple fun.

And about the games like Dark Souls that are intentionally hard. It’s a design choice, the developers have their own ideas of games. Some games shine by their graphics, some shine by their A.I.’s, some shine by their story. And some of them shine by their difficulty. Some games are designed to be hard because they want to give you the feeling of satisfaction after trying so hard for something and achieving it.

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