Death Stranding Developer Says That Hideo Kojima’s Next Game Will be Revealed Soon!

At this point, we all know Hideo Kojima. The name behind the legendary Metal Gear Solid series. He also made us experience something really ”different” with Death Stranding. Well, his new project might get revealed soon! Why do I think that it will be? Because Hideo Kojima’s collaborator and art director Yoji Shinkawa said that the team is working hard on a new project, and we don’t know what the project is but he says that it should be ready to announce “quite soon”.

The Al Hub posted a video interview with Yoji Shinkawa. And Yoji Shinkawa actually gave us some kind of confirmation about the fact that Kojima’s new project might be revealed soon. He says “I am doing something, for sure, and I could tell you probably that we can announce it quite soon.” in the interview. And this actually makes us think that team is working on a new game that they are going to reveal pretty soon. But what could that game be?

We don’t actually know what this project is, but some people think that we could get a Death Stranding 2 while others think that Kojima could be working on a new horror title. What are your guesses about this secret project?

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