US Lawmakers Are Trying To Ban GTA 5 Because of the Rise in Carjackings!

Because of the rise of the carjackings in Chicago, Illinois lawmakers introduced a bill that will ban the ”violent games” like Grand Theft Auto 5.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, South Side Democratic state representative Rep. Marcus Evans Jr. wants to change a law that was made in 2012. This law prevents certain videogames from being sold to minors. He pushed an amendment to this law and he wants to ban the sale of these games for all ages. By these videogames, I mean the games that are depicting “psychological harm,” including “motor vehicle theft with a driver or passenger present”.

Evans explained, “The bill would prohibit the sale of some of these games that promote the activities that we’re suffering from in our communities.”

Early Walker contacted with Evans last month. If you don’t know who Early Walker is, he started a campaign called Operation Safe Pump. He started this in order to stop the car jackings at places like shopping centres and gas stations.

Walker explained that he has gotten in touch with a number of state legislators to ban the GTA V. Why you might ask? He says that he got this idea after noticing the similarities between local carjackings and actions that players do in Grand Theft Auto 5.

He explains, “I feel like this game has become a huge issue in this spectrum. When you compare the two, you see harsh similarities as it relates to these carjackings.”

This bill also changes the definition of violent videogames to games where players “control a character within the video game that is encouraged to perpetuate human-on-human violence in which the player kills or otherwise causes serious physical or psychological harm to another human or an animal.”

If you have a little knowledge about gaming and videogames, you should know that there were people trying to ban videogames for years. And this isn’t that much of a surprise to us. Because there are lots of people who think that videogames cause violence. I personally don’t think that this campaign will be successful.

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