PlayStation Patents the Ability to Add Trophies to Emulated Games

Sony has patented the ability to add trophies to older, simulated games, allowing the rewards to be added to games before the Trophy system.

The patent was published on March 18 and was seen by Bartman013 in the GamingLeaksAndRumours subdirectory. The patent describes a method and device for rewarding trophies and describes how a simulated game can still trigger trophies by comparing a memory value of the simulated game to a predetermined value and assigning one or more prizes based on the user.

The disclosure of the patent talks about how Sony will allow it to issue trophies on video games released or sold beforehand without modifying the original game. Essentially, this could allow legacy games to be powered by trophies so players can earn them in games before the feature introduced with the PlayStation 3.

It also talks about how the system will perform validation checks on the codes of older games to determine whether the criteria for awarding trophies to players are met, by monitoring disk access in-game and monitoring sequences and frames. He also mentions Cloud computing and suggests that this technology can interface with the PlayStation Now service.

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