March 31: The Day Mario Dies

we are just a week apart from the end of sales for Super Mario Bros. 35, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros., and The Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary merch. With Nintendo not giving a complete explanation and magic of the internet, March 31 started to get called as the day Mario dies.

Last year, Nintendo released new products for Mario’s 35th anniversary, and it’s supposed to be on sale until March 31, 2021. But that’s not the only thing which happens on that day. Super Mario Bros. 35 will be unavailable for people to play following that date, additionally, the level sharing feature for Wii U’s Super Mario Maker will be disabled. Another game, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light will no longer be on sale on the same day.

Combined with Nintendo refraining from making furthermore explanations about the matter, users on social media decided that March 31 is the day Mario dies. Well, it only makes sense for them to go to a conclusion directly since there is nothing guiding them when judging the case in their minds.

Actually, this meme isn’t new, it was going on since the announcement of the date for the things I’ve listed above. As the date draws closer to us, it’s expected to get more popular in no time.

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