‘Fable’ Reboot Being Built On New Engine

According to a detail on a business opportunity, Fable gets a new custom engine to deliver the extraordinary and ridiculous blend of humor and fantasy of the reboot.

Fable will be exclusive to Xbox Series X, and the team behind the reboot is star-studded with writers from Batman: Arkham Knight, designers from Rockstar Games and Ninja Theory, and an artist from Ubisoft. Details about the game are currently unclear, and we don’t even know when the new Fable will be released. This may be due to the pandemic’s continued impact on the industry.

Some little information has arrived about the development of the Fable reboot. The graduate programmer the team is looking for is described as a great opportunity to join the game’s rendering team this year and join an established and highly experienced AAA team powered by a dedicated engine. This is an interesting addition. The most likely explanation is that Playground Games has an engine that it will use for racing games, and that won’t work for the requirements of an immersive fantasy world. Still, being “custom” is really interesting because it shows that both the developer and publisher will strive to provide a valuable reboot.

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