Gotham Knights Postponed to 2022

Starring a younger cast of characters from the Batman franchise, Gotham Knights has been postponed to 2022. Warner Bros. posted the news on Twitter today, confirming that it will not be released before the end of the year as previously announced. The delay is due to the need for additional development time, but WB, like many other lags, didn’t go into the details.

Warner Bros. said in a statement that they give the game more time to give players the best possible experience and look forward to showcasing more in the coming months.

This is the second high profile WB game after Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy to be postponed to 2022. In the case of Gotham Knights and Hogwarts Legacy, the WB did not mention that the pandemic had an impact on development.

To keep Gotham safe, the Gotham Knights bring Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and the Red Hood together for an ambitious open-world crime murder that will put players against iconic villains. The main point in this game is that Bruce Wayne and Batman are believed to be dead, which means the Bat family must keep up with the challenge and establish themselves as the city’s new saviors. Rocksteady is just one of two DC universe games announced in their work on WB for release in 2022 by developing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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