Genshin Impact’s Updates Do a Great Job With Keeping The Players Attached to the Game!

If you don’t know, the Genshin Impact launched last year. It’s a really big and enormous RPG. The best part is, it’s available on PC and mobile. And the game’s universe really expanded in the last seven months. The developer MiHoYo really made the game’s world much bigger than what it was used to be. They added a bunch of new features with major updates. They added new bosses, new minigames, quests, characters… It even has a dating sim where you can interact with your collectible heroes and spend time with them.

The newest update to Genshin Impact, Invitation to Windblume adds a full-voiced quest-line to the game along with some new minigames and a new atmosphere. These minigames aren’t that complicated and they are kind of light on the game but they give you some nice detours from the regular path of Genshin Impact.

So, these small updates do a great job of keeping the players attached to the game. The feeling of exploring new things makes you go and play this game over and over again.

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