You Can Now Preorder Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Track Set at Amazon

Some people may not have noticed it, but the new Mario Kart Hot Wheels Rainbow Road set is now available for preorder on Amazon. It looks great and would make a good collectible.

The set releases on May 29th and offers customization for the set, which is an important availability for a Hot Wheels set. You can now preorder the set from Amazon for $119,99, plus, you won’t get charged until the set releases and you will be charged from the lowest price in case the price for the set drops. You can check the set out here.

Preordering early could help you more if you are interested because Amazon keeps that lowest price for you even if the price goes for a limited time. You just gotta preorder the product before the price cut. But don’t forget that it’s not 100% that we will be getting a discount for the set, it’s actually unlikely that will happen.

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