Dungeons & Dragons Is Testing Out Playable Rabbitfolk, Owlfolk, and Fairies

Dungeons & Dragons is testing four new playable racing options, all tied to Feywild. Earlier today, Dungeons & Dragons released a new Unearthed Arcana gameplay test that includes four new racing options. Fairies, Hobgoblin, Rabbit People and Owl People from Feywild. All four races use the new design options of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything and do not include any built-in Ability Points Boosts. Two of the breeds (rabbits and owls) Dungeons & Dragons look brand new. Meanwhile, the Hobgoblin variant offers a completely different set of abilities apart from what hobgoblins are typically portrayed to.

The Fairy is the only Fey race represented in the Unearthed Arcana. The fairy has a natural flight speed and the ability to float through the air, and also has the inborn ability to throw druidcraft and fairy fire without using a spell slot (however, fairy fire can only be done once per long rest without using a spell slot). Additionally, fairies can walk through narrow spaces up to an inch wide.

Feywild’s Hobgoblins are built around Feywild’s rule of reciprocity and gift giving. These hobgoblins can perform the Help action several times a day as a bonus action and provide additional benefits starting at Level 3. For example, a hobgoblin can use the Help bonus action to infuse a target with temporary hit points or increase its speed by 10 feet. They can also attract the fortune of most of them by adding a bonus equal to the number of nearby allies to turn an unsuccessful attack shot or skill check into success.

Owls are bird people with humanoid arms and legs in addition to a pair of wings. They can fly, are experts in stealth (since owls are naturally silent hunters) and have the innate ability to perceive magic as a ritual using their magical sight.

By the way, the rabbit people are bipedal creatures with strong legs and good luck. They can add their proficiency bonuses to their initiative rolls, they are experts at detection and use it to add a d4 to a failed Skill savings shot to turn their reaction into a success. They also can move 12 feet more in one turn using their hare jumping abilities.

Tests of these new breeds show that Dungeons & Dragons will soon enter Feywild, an area barely explored in the Fifth Edition. The next release for the game, Candlekeep Mysteries, adds a much-needed stat block for the archfey by providing DMs a crucial component for any Feywild campaign.

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