Dr Disrespect Roasted A Fan Who Donated Him A Small Amount of Money

In one of his recent streams, Dr Disrespect once again explained why you shouldn’t send him small donations. Well, kind of.

Dr Disrespect can be tough at times, but that doesn’t prevent him from getting viewers. Even a Twitch ban did not stop him, which is pretty impressive considering how deadly Twitch bans are. Thanks to him being able to preserve his viewer amount and even increasing it, he gets donations as well, and in those donations, we have small ones.

Dr Disrespect fans probably know that a small amount of donation means you are getting a roast from him, this isn’t something new. In one of his live streams, a fan donates him 99 cents. Well, they probably know what they are getting, and they got it. After the notification, Dr Disrespect said “Thank you for the 99 cents,” then he continued “Do me a favor and go buy some ice cream for your coffee next time. Just save your 99 cents.”

He did not give any sign of humor, but as a person, I’m pretty sure he was grateful for the donation. Due to his character in live streams, he continued the tradition of roasting small donations. He’s been playing Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone in his streams recently, you can check him out.

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