Google Stadia: The Platform Where Expectations and Reality aren’t The Same

Google Stadia, a cloud-based gaming platform where you can play your games over the internet. It had a lot of expectations before its launch, but things didn’t go as smooth as it was planned to be.

One of the results of this lack of success is the end of its first-party development operation, where they shut down the whole operation which was planned for the Google Stadia team to develop its own games. Unfortunately, the project is done before any game was developed.

There were some concerns of staff from the beginning of the whole thing and proposed a beta test for the service. But, Stadia boss Phil Harrison and some others did not agree to this and decided to go for the shiny release of the platform. After millions of dollars flowing down, Stadia did not have the features which were promised before at the time of release.

VGC recently reported several canceled projects for Stadia, some of them being purposedly avoided in 2020. The domestic projects inside Stadia seem to be either canceled or put-on-hold for now as Google seems to struggle in understanding how the development stage for games works.

Google Stadia did not reach the numbers which were expected for the system so far, but as always, things change. It’s not the end of the road for Stadia as of now, so there is always a chance for us to see a plot twist from the system.

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