Slocap’s Kung-fu Game Sifu Will be Singleplayer

This Scolap, the studio that created Absolver announced that they are working on a new game this week. This game, ”Sifu” will be based on Kung-fu.

The gamer-writer Tyler Wilde from PCgamer asked some questions to the executive producer Pierre Tarno about the game. He said that game will be completely single-player. He says that they wanted to “put all the development efforts in the gameplay.” But he also said that they will have multiplayer projects in the future with other games.

Tarno said “The fantasy we want is that sort of Jackie Chan movie fantasy where it’s one versus many. Whereas Absolver was very much 1-v-1.”

Also, we will be able to use our environment to fight. Sleeping Dogs had a mechanic like this back in the day but it looks like this will be much more improved.

Tarno also mentioned that players fighting styles will evolve throughout the game. However, we won’t be able to choose from different martial arts. There would be only one fighting style, Pak Mei Kung Fu.

Tarno didn’t want to reveal much about the story. However, he said that it won’t be your average revenge plot. He also mentioned that the theme applies to combat. He said, “If the game wasn’t challenging enough, you wouldn’t have that feeling of becoming a master.”

We don’t have an exact release date for Sifu right now, but it’s scheduled to be out this Fall on Epic Games Store.

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