‘Pokémon Diamond & Pearl’ Remake To Be Announced This Week

The Pokémon Company is expected to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series on February 27 with a series of new game announcements. The approval of the long-rumored Gen 4 remake is thought to be an important part of the Birthday announcements that came out later this week.

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl remakes will be released this year, and the games are expected to be announced before February 27, according to a report by the trusted fan site Centro Pokémon.

Rumors of a return to Gen 4 games and the Sinnoh region have been around since late last year. According to an unverified leak by YouTuber RuffledRowlit in September 2020, information transmitted by an alleged coder on Game Freak suggested that new games will be released in November 2021 and will be called Max Diamond and Max Pearl. It was also claimed that these remakes will bring Dynamax mechanics from Sword & Shield, a feature that I can see what GameFreak brings.

Shortly after that, another person from the inside stepped forward. Kelios, a leak with a strong history of predicting Nintendo Direct release dates and other announcement information about the Big N, recently took to Twitter to reveal the future of the Pokémon franchise.

At that time, Kelios said, “You will have a remake next November, you will stop complaining.”

All of this awaits approval, but the increasingly anticipated Pokémon Diamond & Pearl remakes are likely to arrive this November. This week we can find out for sure.

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