Redditor Who Took Part in GameStop Shares Incident Attends Congress In Game of Thrones Chair

When you are in a meeting or something related to it, sometimes the chair that you sit on is pure pain. When that happens, you just want the whole thing to end so you can stop the pain and relax, finding peace.

In this case, looks like Keith Gill thinks the same with us. We know him from the GameStop share incident, he’s probably one of the most important people behind the whole thing. He testified before the House Financial Services Committee on Thursday with a very unique chair that is nothing like the usual ones.

In the committee, he rejected that he has led the GameStop shares operation for his own good, which is something he was being blamed for a while after the drastic drops in GameStop shares. He is also in a class-action lawsuit with the reason of manipulating the market for his own good.

The lawsuit from Tuesday states that Keith Gill’s GameStop shares peaked at $48 million, as an answer, Gill stated that the number was a “paper value” and he could “only” cash out $13 million.

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