‘Call Of Duty: Zombies’ Outbreak Event Coming To ‘Warzone’ And ‘Cold War’

Some Reddit users document a few strange incidents while playing Warzone like radio communications between Russian agents. Some research by the players revealed that Vodianoy was a ship seen off the shores of Rebirth Island, and likely missed the Nova 6 to Warzone’s battle royale maps. Nova 6 will be a familiar name for some as it is a toxic gas that reappears in the CoD timeline developed by Nazi, Soviet, and Coalescence scientists.

Players also noticed a new little addition to the Warzone noise. The Cold War Zombies trial machine appeared in the game, it stopped randomly in the hospital. Standing next to it brings up an interaction flag, “ZAI / ACTIVATE_ZOMBIE”, but pressing it right now does nothing. If you have any doubts that zombies are on their way, this is solid evidence you’re looking for.

In Reddit’s Game Leaks and Rumors subdirectory, some leaked information about the upcoming Outbreak mode has surfaced. User Margwa_ has compiled some information found by the players regarding what is coming.

According to the post, the Outbreak event will take place in both the Cold War and Warzone, rewarding players with a total of two drafts for completing missions. There will be some new zombie enemies to defeat, some with special abilities and bosses that will give you a special weapon upon defeating.

Margwa_ predicts that with the size of the map and the fact that it is an open world, the warping found in the code means that fast travel can be included in these free-roaming areas. Even Margwa_ is doing a bit of her research and seems to find clues to PvPvZ in the game. Perhaps we’re looking at an event in Verdansk where players not only fight each other, but armies as well.

The only certainty for now is some sort of Zombies event soon with Outbreak. Details are still unclear.

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