Rockstar’s Job Listing Could Be A Sign For GTA VI

Rockstar Games might be ready to show us a trailer for GTA VI. This rumor comes with a job listing from the side of Rockstar. It might feel like it’s any other rumor for one of the most anticipated games of all time, but this one’s pretty good. Therefore you may actually get hyped for it.

On a new page on Rockstar Games’ website, there is a job listing which is for “Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist”. You can check the details of the job here, basically, they’re looking for employees who can capture in-game cinematics.

That means we might be getting a new trailer from Rockstar Games, it’s very likely that we’ll be getting a GTA VI trailer, but things may not go that way as well. It could be a trailer for GTA V’s next-gen console version trailer, but it could be that we may be getting a trailer for GTA Trilogy that we mentioned before in the past weeks.

Whatever happens, I highly doubt that it’s something else than a trailer for a Rockstar game and if it’s for a new game that’s just amazing. But considering GTA V and GTA Online’s success, we might not get the game in near future.

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