World’s Biggest PlayStation 5 is Sold for $70.000

You read it right. World’s biggest PlayStation 5 is 10-feet high (3 meters), 500 pounds (227 kgs), and it is $70.000. The Youtuber ZHC recently bought this giant console. It’s kind of ironic that PlayStation 5 is one of the biggest modern consoles. But of course, it’s nothing compared to the giant thing that ZHC bought.

If you wonder how the console looks in real life you’d have to stack 32 PlayStation 5 consoles horizontally to reach the height of this ginormous console.

And if a normal PlayStation 5 is 9 pounds (4 kgs). So that means this giant Playstation 5’s weight is equal to 55 regular PS5 consoles.

This giant console also has a giant dualshock controller. And they both work like a regular console would.

But this is only the World’s biggest PlayStation, not the most expensive one. The most expensive PlayStation is the ”Golden Rock ”.

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