Report Shows New Open-World Mode For Call of Duty Zombies In Development

With a new leak, it is said that Call of Duty Zombies is getting a new open-world mode. This is something new for the game mode because it’s known for trying to survive in indoor areas or in a limited place.

Twitch user Okami, who is a pretty trustable source in the prediction of the future content in games, claimed that Treyarch is working on an open-world mode for Zombies mode inside Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. And the predicted name for the mode is “Outbreak”.

We don’t know what exactly this means yet, it could be something like a map that is the size of Warzone game mode, but in zombies. The term “open-world” could be different for the whole thing as well. Either way, it’s exciting to hear this news, and to know that future content will be free is also a thumbs up.

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