Konami’s Canceled Game Six Days in Fallujah Returns

FPS game Six Days in Fallujah is returning, the new publisher being Victura and for the developer side, we got Highwire Games.

Originally, the publisher was gonna be Konami and Atomic Games would take the role for development back in the day. But after heavy criticizing from war veterans and others, the game was canceled in 2009. Now, the game is coming back with Victura and Highwire Games.

The game is about the Second Battle of Fallujah in Iraq, 2004. This time, the studio stated that they have made a lot of interviews with war veterans from back in the day to develop the game accordingly, which will give players more of an accurate experience.

CEO of Victura has stated that it’s hard to find correct information along with all complications and misinformation. This is pretty reasonable considering it’s the internet, after all, so interviews from veterans are the best choice they’ve got.

The game will focus on the civilian side of the war, which will boost up the psychological atmosphere in the game. The game will be out for consoles and PC, you can check the announcement trailer for the game below:

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