We Might Be Getting A Film About The GameStop Stock Market Incident

It is said that MGM has gotten book proposal The Antisocial Network which was written by Ben Mezrich, which tells the story of the GameStop stock market incident which took place in January 2021, where small investors compete against bigger ones in shares of GameStop by contacting via a subreddit r/wallstreetbets.

As a result, shares of GameStop skyrocketed. But following the beginning of February, shares dropped drastically. With this news combined, we might be getting a movie that tells the backstory of this incident.

The whole thing isn’t over, Reddit users on r/wallstreetbets are still fighting back and holding onto their shares. Some say that it will be like shares of Volkswagen in 2008, which drastically dropped after a spike then peaked a lot more later.

We will see how things will turn out in the future, meanwhile, let’s hope that we will get the movie as soon as possible if there is a development going on or planned to be going on.

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